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Why Adsense is not Approve and How to Get It Approved for Blog – Top Method


Why Adsense Is not Approve And How to Get It Approved for Blog – Top Method

Hello friends. Welcome to another of my new posts Ɩ In today’s post, we will discuss that getting approval of Google Adsense of any blog is difficult or easy. You may have read my post in which I told you whether you can really earn money from blogging or not? After reading that post a lot of people had asked me that it was understandable that what blogging is and how much money it can earn but how to earn money because many people have the problem that their adsense is not approved. That is why they could not get their online income.
When a blogger creates his blog, his first and last dream is that he earns online. As far as online income is concerned, the name comes first – google adsense but this is not so easy for everyone. Many blogger’s adsense accounts are not allowed to be approved. For this reason many bloggers leave blogging. So friends will talk to us on this topic today and know that it is really difficult to approve the adsense. But first you need to read these articles that will be useful to you.
You have already read many articles on this topic before that it would have been told that if you have to get adsense approved then you have to enter good content and your domain should be at least 6 months old, at least 1000 on your website. Should have traffic that came from google.
All these things I have read so much and every blogger who comes to know will know these things but you have not told anyone till now why everybody speaks so why all the big bloggers say that you should have traffic Or should your website be so old, do all the truth speak? And what is the reason that even after following all their statements, anyone’s adsense account is not approved and the dream of earning it remains a dream.
Here I will not say that everyone is lying or guides someone, they may be correct, but it is not difficult to approve an adsense account in my eyes, you just have to work properly. So let us now know what efforts should be made by you to approve adsense so that your google adsense is approved.

Pay attention to content

This should be the first thing to tell. Let’s say adsense is approved even if you have low content, but if you do not have content then where will you show your ads. Therefore, you should always check to see if content is available on your site before you apply for adsense, if you have less content then you will not be able to make money, then what is the meaning of adsense or not.
Now let me tell you a funny thing that my adsense account was approved only on 70 pageview per day and it would have been difficult to post 5-7 on my blog. At that time also there was a new blogger and I was quick to earn money too. Now my adsense has been approved, but there is no question of earning. After that adsense was not of any use to me, and after a long time when both post and pageview increased, earning also started.
So, I want to say that you should never hurry to earn money and all the bloggers also say that, pay attention to the content adsense will be approved soon afterwards. Work hard on your site and write quility content on it, which will increase your traffic too.
Add important page to Blog
You will see this thing in almost all blogs that if you have to get adsense approved then you will have to create important page in your blog and you will find these pages in almost everyone’s blog.
Is this page necessary for adsense?
No, not just adsense but it is very important for every visitor to visit your site. Many bloggers say that if your blog does not have important page like contact us, about us, privacy policy, then your adsense will never be approved and if done then it will be disapproved soon.
So nothing happens, but here I will not say that you do not have to keep this page, even if you are not using adsense, you should still keep this page in it, what is the reason and what is going to be the advantage of it About
About Us – With this page coming you will get an identity on the internet. Suppose there is an article reader on your website and he likes your blog too but he does not know who is going to write such a good article then it will be called a later experience and if your blog will be about us page He will go straight to him and get to know about you completely.
Now, let us assume that the visitor to your site is in any confusion and wants to contact you or take any kind of help, then he will directly click on contact us page and your question or any appropriate suggestions directly Will send you
Privacy Policy – Most of these pages are successful for blogs with high traffic or more popular blogs. Adding a privacy policy page to such a blog lets the visitor know that there is anything in this website and what is the rule of visiting this blog or if we comment, then what will be the rules for us?

Do not rush to apply Adsense

When we are a new blogger, we do not understand anything other than approving adsense and I have done this myself. I too had applied for adsense early but that time was not to earn money from my target adsense just to be approve because I lost my blog due to this adsense. If you want to know the whole story then you can read my post by clicking here.
If you have less traffic or your blog lacks content, then your adsense has been approved and it happens several times, then it is not for any work, because earning will come only when it comes to traffic and traffic only It will come when you will write good and quility posts.
That is why I will say the same thing again that no one should apply early on any one day adsense has to be approved. If your blog is 2-3 months old and people start to know you, it is the right time to use your adsense. At that time you can apply for adsense and your adsense will be easily approve.

Write quility and big posts in blog

If you are new then you probably will not even have the idea of ​​how to write big posts in the blog. If you really do not know, then accept my suggestion that you can write a winning post, write as large a post, you will always be benefitted. The biggest advantage of writing a big post is that this gives a visitor to your site to stay on your site for more time, which reduces the bounce rate.
The second biggest advantage would be that if you have a large post, it will rank well in google because google shows the big and quile posted first.
Apart from this, your adsense will also be quickly approved by writing big posts. adsense has always been interested in large and posting work, that means if there is a large post then your adsense approval increases even when there is a low post in your blog.

Blog must have at least 15-20 posts written

I have said a little less but to get an adsense approval, at least 15-20 posts should be done as long as there are not enough traffic for adsense, unless your blog has 15-20 posts, your adsense will not be approved. |
But I also think that something is wrong?
Now, I just mentioned above a while ago that my adsense was approved only after 5-7 posts and people at facebook ask me that my blog has 50 posts but so far my adsense has not been approved and Some have been trying for the last one year but have not yet
So I say that no matter how much the post is in your blog, there should be quility in all your posts.
So friends were some special topics with the help of which you can easily get your adsense approved, but besides this there are also some kind of topics that you need to know,
Is it necessary to get a custom domain to get adsense approved?
No, there is no necessity but everyone says that you have a custom domain, I also consider it right because taking custom domain will give your website a new identity and no one will know that you are free domain It is using which will increase the confidence of the visitor.
Does any problem occur in adsense approval of blog design?
Not that there is no such thing, but you must give attention to the design of your blog, whether adsense you use or not, your blog should be friendly. Look should be such that it looks like this is a pro blogger.

I have social traffic, will my google adsense be approved?
Someone says that your adsense will not be approved by social traffic and some people say that there is no problem. When my adsense was approved, I had traffic from 100% facebook with traffic name but my adsense was still approved, now you decide.


You will also see the posting on adsense, you will see something different in all of them, but you should not be confused with it. Just work on your own, there will be no problem in getting your adsense approved. Adsense is nowadays considered to be the best medium of earning money and you can also earn unlimited money from it, you just need to work with patience and honesty for it.
I hope you have liked this post of “how to get approved google adsense”. You must share this post with my friends and your social media so that they can also know about it.


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