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Advani also said, then it may seem like Emergency


Advani also said, then it may seem like Emergency

Advani also said that then the EmergencyLikrishna Advani had said so and if someone asks today, then perhaps he would say that three years ago, he had not given any warning to the Emergency who had been leading the country at the moment. .
But if you read that warning in the context of ‘urban Naxalism‘ today, then its new meaning will be understood.
Advani had warned on the 40th anniversary of the Emergency in true words: “I do not say that political leadership is not mature but due to deficiencies, there is no faith … that the Emergency can never take place again.”
He also said that “there has been no such remedy which will inspire confidence that the freedom of the citizens can not be ended anymore … the basic rights can be restated.”
In this interview given to the Indian Express, he had expressed concern about lack of commitment to democracy and all other aspects.
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Analysis on opposite thoughts
In the beginning of this year after the Dalit protests in Bhima Koregaon near Pune and anti-Dalit violence, the police have arrested the intellectuals, poets and professors working for human rights.
After that, from Prashant Bhushan to Arundhati Roy, the people are saying that more serious situations have emerged in the country than the Emergency. Advani too was concerned that after the Emergency, such measures were not taken that the danger of facing the Emergency was completely exhausted.
What is interesting is that ideologically, people who are always on the opposite poles have been performing similar analysis of the current situation and taking similar results.
When Advani had made an announcement to the Emergency, many people had accepted this statement as a result of the quarrels caused by overcoming Narendra Modi on the board of politics.
However, Advani always denied that his comment was against any person.
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Modi India
Then it was only one year that Narendra Modi assumed power. Until then, the Dalits had organized Yalgodar Parishad in Bhima Koregaon, nor did anybody know about the blueprint of conspiracy to kill Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Until then, there was no linking of Mohd Akhlak of Dadri in suspicion of keeping beef. Nor did the gangs of peers gather in the place where they were beaten by the third hold.
Let’s ignore those fanatic Modi opponents for a while, who always appears in the image of a dictator in Modi. But at that time it was not advisable to say to anybody other than Advani that there is a danger of emergency in the country.
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Rather, a large number of industrialists, businessmen, diplomats, journalists, mostly intellectuals and voters believed that the country has been liberated by the misrule of Congress and now the country will go faster on the path of development.
Until then, he had not even come in the night when Modi had announced the change of television and thousands of notes to pieces of junk. Until then, he did not even come in midnight when Modi and President Pranab Mukherjee had announced the implementation of GST in the country’s second independence by pressing the button in Parliament.
The traders did not have any idea what the ban on bondage and the results of the GST would come out.
Question on liberal ideas
It is difficult to guess that after all what LK Advani was showing around him so that he felt that the emergency could take place again and that civil rights can be redeemed again?
But the circumstances can be easily judged in which the civil rights can be weakened and the authorities are not afraid of any kind of widespread protest. Such situations can be created in a shock by putting an emergency.
But without getting Emergency, the land has to be prepared for years to do this work. For this, liberal ideas are only put in the circle of questions.
Make human rights a suspicious term and when the issue of human rights is raised, then say that only terrorists have human rights. After that, strike human rights activists as’ advocates of ‘urban Naxal’ and ‘traitors’ in the right way.
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Turn secularism or secularism into a hateful word and tell him a distorted trend so often that people are startled with telling themselves that they are secular. Then aiming at secularism will be the easiest.
By giving the trade union the name of ‘Netagiri’, make this democratic rights of the workers so ridiculous and negative that the workers and the workers themselves hated the trade union.
It is worth noting that along with the liberalization of the Indian economy, all these activities have been open in the last two three decades. Those who have played a big role in it include LK Advani himself.
He introduced secularism as a fuzzy and distorted thought. The result of their efforts is that those who talked about secularism were dismissed as Muslims, but now they are advised to move to Pakistan.
With the new economic policies of PV Narasimha Rao, trade union movement also weakened around the country. In many places the workers ‘unions broke their backs and they were considered to be the hideouts of the workers instead of the democratic platform that protected workers’ rights.

 Urban Naxal are criminals?

Today the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, its supporters of the Sangh Parivar and the Government machinery say that the Chhukarupam Maoists are hidden in the entrance of our cities in the entrance of university professors, human rights activists, intellectuals and journalists.
These people want to uproot the elected government through violence. By scrutinizing them and choosing to oppose them, by taking action, the country can be protected from coming under the Maoist revolution.
The police have the responsibility of proving guilty on whom the police have accused of being associated with the banned Maoist party. But the police must remember that legal action can not be taken against any person from being a member of a restricted organization, even if he is a member of the restricted Maoist party.
The accused, who have been convicted for being arrested as ‘Urban Naxal’ or urban Maoist, should read the order passed on April 15, 2011, once again.
Chhattisgarh activist activist Binayak Sen was charged with treason by the State Police and he was put in jail. In this case, the lower court had also heard him sentenced to life imprisonment.
But the Supreme Court gave bail to Dr. Sen and said, “This is a democratic country, they can sympathize with (with the Maoists). But they can not be treated as a criminal for treason.”
Earlier on February 4, 2011, while hearing a case of Assam’s banned organization ULFA, the Supreme Court had said in its verdict – “Only by subscribing to a restricted organization can no one be held guilty, unless he Do not engage in violence or incite others to violence, or do violence to disturb peace. “
Image copierFour days before the arrest of five human rights activists on the charge of being “urban Maoist”, a seminar was organized in the Hansraj College of Delhi University under the name ‘Urban Naxalism – Invisible Dushman’.
In this, Sunil Ambedkar, National Organization Secretary of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad, a student wing of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh was the chief guest. Supreme Court lawyer Monica Arora was the keynote speaker of the program. He said, “A lot of emphasis is on extracting them completely … only in Kerala, Media and JNU.”
Student Council leader Ambedkar talked about communist ideologues like they hide their identity and there are hidden criminals here. He said, “Whatever happened in JNU in 2016, it was not good, but it was a good thing that after that incident, the people of Communist ideology hidden in the film industry, journalism and universities were exposed, they act as a sleeping cell. Was doing.”
He did not say that Marxist Communist Party, Communist Party of India or CPI-ML (Liberation) works under the Constitution of India and they do not have to work like sleeping cells.
The lawyer Sudha Bhardwaj (left) has been accused of contact with Maoist organizations.
The talk of urban Maoism arose before
That is, the seminar being organized on urban Naxalism, along with the Maoists, have also wrapped communist parties, which are not under the Sangh’s grace, but are under the constitution. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is slamming Congress free India, will have to tell whether he wants to promote a culture that wants to end the alliance with the Congress as well as all other ideology parties?
Keep in mind that ‘urban Maoists’ are not the brains of the current BJP government. Before 2014, in the Congress government, Home Minister P Chidambaram also talked about the presence of ‘Maoists’ supporters in cities ”.
In the second round of UPA government, there was a sudden burst of Maoist violence. Activists of Soni Sori of Chhattisgarh and Seema Azad of Uttar Pradesh and her husband World Vijay were arrested in the same period of the Congress government.
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The police had also told Soni Sari to be a Maoist and had imposed heavy penalties on them for extortion. Seema Azad and world conquest were also heard by the lower court for life imprisonment for being a Maoist. But later he got relief from the High Court.
All these situations have been explained by the socialist Pratap Bhanu Mehta in his article in the Indian Express: “The one we are seeing today is such a dangerous situation which is deeply profound, it is a psychological trap in which all People are traitors, courts and civil society should resist such a power that wants to tire not only our body but also souls. “
To write like this, will Pratap Bhanu Mehta be given a membership of the “Sleeping Cell” of the urban Maoists?
Maharashtra Police has said that conspiracy to assassinate Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been exposed in the assassination of Bhima Koregaon demonstrations.
On the basis of which the police claiming to expose the Maoist conspiracy to kill Prime Minister Narendra Modi, senior journalist Prem Shankar Jha has written that if the letter is fierce, then the Indian democracy has entered into a dangerous time.
Would love Shankar Jha be considered as a member of the sleeping cell of communists?
In the coming days, all these questions will be asked in the courts and the police will have to provide concrete evidence only to prove the allegations against them.


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