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Your Account – How to get your land under the jurisdiction online


your Account – How to get your land under the jurisdiction online

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Welcome to all the Rajasthani readers, this post of my today is only for the users of Rajasthan, because the information that I will talk about today can be done only for the people of Rajasthan. Today we will talk about how to get your land under the jurisdiction of apna khata in Rajasthan. Apna khata
The Rajasthan government issued a portal to all the Rajasthanis under which you can get your land record sitting at home. It may be that this facility is applicable in all states but I live in Rajasthan so I will talk about the portals running in Rajasthan. In Rajasthan, you can easily get the complete information about your land sitting at home and find out about where your land is.
If you are from Rajasthan, then you must know that there are 33 districts in Rajasthan. You can see the records of the land of any village or city in your district from this portal. However, you can not use this junking utility as an evidence in the court, it is only for your knowledge, but you can also use it in many ways.
If you have to use your land as a proof of proof then you have to prove it with Patwari or any responsible person. After this it is proved that this bail bond is original and you can use it as proof. |
Let’s see how the online jailbreak is removed from apna khata portal in Rajasthan.
Get Junkeband from Apna Khata Portal
To get online submission from apna khata, first you have to click here to go to its official website.
After this, the map of Rajasthan comes in front of you in the district you live in, click on that district.
After selecting the district you have to choose your tahsil. Click on the tehsil of the district in which you live in Tehsil.
After selecting the tehsil, you have a list of all villages and cities in that tehsil. Now you can scroll down and see your village or city and click on it.
♥ After this you have to give your land related information.
♥ First of all, click on the stone / jam number.
♥ Then select the stone number.
♥ Select your marmalade after selecting the stone number.
After the selection of marmalade, now you have to write a Bigha number. If you have a complete marmalade, then you can select any Bigha number, but if there is no name for the names of two or more account holders, then you wrote your Bigha number, whose information you Want to take
Click on get last duplicate. Your possession will appear before you click.
Important- If you are not able to get your jurisdiction you can check once in your browser that the popup window is not blocked because chrome or any browser does not open any kind of popup unless you have permission. You can also get your bailout by permitting popup. Apna khata print jamabandi
So friends, this is a simple way to get information about your land but as I mentioned earlier, you can not use it as proof of any kind unless it is certified if you have certified jamabandi If you want to take the service of Amitara running in Rajasthan, you can use the exemplary junkbird as proof, it can charge around 30 rupees. , Whether it was |
You can get a junket more than 6 months old from this portal of apna khata. If you have recently made any changes in your land, then you will have to wait 6 months for this because these portals are updated every 6 months.
I’m going to tell you about what amit is soon. I hope you liked the post from the apna khata to remove the online depository. You can get your land record sitting in the future only. If you liked this post, then you must share it with your friends so that they can get information about it too.


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