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Modi government has got the strength to overcome Kerala’s flood-ravaged Uttarakhand, what the Center has done so far, know full detail


Modi government has got the strength to overcome Kerala’s flood-ravaged Uttarakhand, what the Center has done so far, know full detail

New Delhi: The biggest flood of the first century in Kerala has broken its back. The destruction of floods in Kerala not only killed people, but also damaged thousands of crores, loss of life and property and life has become unreliable. The flood of Kerala pushed it back for several years. However, now the hands of help from across the border to deal with the tragedy of floods in Kerala has also been raised. The central government, the state governments, and personally even the people of Kerala were able to get as much help as they could. However, relief and rescue work in Kerala is almost complete now. To bring the lives back on track, they are now working on their rehabilitation work. Indeed, in order to take stock of flood situation in Kerala, Prime Minister Narendra Modi carried out air surveys in the past and provided advance assistance of 500 crore rupees. Apart from this, many states announced help from the Chief Minister Relief Fund for Kerala and sent relief material.
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Kerala floods: Army’s help in flood flooding, Viday Viral
However, the debate over the help of Kerala started when the news came that the Modi government of the center announced the help of just Rs 500 crore, while the United Arab Emirates (UAE) i.e. announces the help of Rs 700 crore . Since then some people started criticizing the Modi government, merely because of the help of 700 million rupees from Kerala abroad, while the help of the total 600 crore help from the Center However, on Friday, the UAE ambassador made it clear that it is not yet decided how much money to pay for the help of Kerala.
This four-year-old girl donated money for the Kerala Relief Fund in Golak
The Bharatiya Janata Party has tweeted with its official Twitter handle and through it it has been told how and how much help has been given to Kerala on behalf of the Center. The Bharatiya Janata Party has released a complete list of help being given to Kerala on behalf of the Center, which is a matter of help from many items.
According to BJP’s tweet, the help given by the Center to Kerala …
Advance help: 600 crores
Bleaching powder: 30 tons
Sanitary pad: 1.76 lakhs
PCU Marketing Oil companies donate to Chief Minister’s Relief Fund: 25 crore
LPG cylinder: 3.2 million
Drinking water: 25 million liters
Rice: 89540 MT
Custom Duty and AGST waiver from relief materials
Helicopter: 40
Relief Rescue Team: 182
Central Armed Police force: 7 companies with 500 boats
60 thousand lives saved
Aircraft: 31
Medical Team of Defense Forces: 18
Team of NDRF: 58
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 Central assistance to Kerala floods – proactive, rapid & multi-modal #PMModiWithKeralam
4:31 AM – Aug 24, 2018
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Explain that all these help has been claimed by the Bharatiya Janata Party. However, Kerala’s Chief Minister Pinarai Visionion had sought the help of Rs 20,000 crore from the center, but the Modi government had helped 500 crores after taking stock of the situation. After this the center was given thanks to the center on behalf of Kerala. Apart from this, aid was announced from Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and many other states.
For this reason, India will not accept donations from foreign countries for flood relief
However, among the efforts to normalize public life in Kerala on Friday, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan claimed that there is no ambiguity about the proposal of financial aid from the UAE for the flood affected state and he hoped that the Center would provide Rs. 700 crore Will accept the “offer” of rupees. On the issue of not accepting foreign donations by the Center for flood relief, officials of the United Arab Emirates Embassy in the midst of hype politics said on Friday that no official announcement has been made on behalf of the UAE government for the financial assistance of the flood affected Kerala. is.
The Chief Minister said that he remained on what he had said on August 21 about the financial assistance and said that this matter was discussed between Sheikh Mohammed bin Sayed El Nahyan and Prime Minister Narendra Modi of the UAE. He said that both gave information to the world about grant issue. Political debates started on the issue of UAE subsidy, on one hand the Center had refused to accept foreign donations for relief work and on the other hand, the CPI (M) -led Kerala-led LDF and the Congress government came down against this move. Officials of the United Arab Emirates Embassy here said on Friday that no amount has been fixed for the financial assistance of the flood affected Kerala and no announcement has been made by the government on behalf of the assistance.
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Deepak Mishra said – With the whole country in Kerala
Comments According to official figures, about three million Indians live and work in the UAE, 80 percent of which are people of Kerala. While giving detailed details of the waste caused by rain and landslide, Vijayan said that in the initial assessment, the state had lost about Rs 20,000. Millions of people may have returned home but more than 8.69 lakh people are still forced to live in 2287 relief camps.


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