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How To Show All Posts On One Page In WordPress And Blogger Blogs


How To Show All Posts On One Page In WordPress And Blogger Blogs

 How To Show All Posts On One Page In WordPress And Blogger Blogs Often we see on many big blogs that their blog has a special page called – All Post Link. If this page is to be seen then everyone should be in the blog so that the visitor to our blog gets the link of all the posts in one place. Friends, this information should be shared today with us that WordPress Aur Blogger Blog Show Me Page WordPress Blog & Blog Blogger

One advantage of getting all your posts in one place is that you get help to reduce the bounce rate on your site because if you see it in any blog, you can see only 5-10 posts on the homepage. Will meet If you talk about 10 posts too, they will be seen mostly on their blog which use a template like newspaper. If you talk about the normal blog then more than 5 posts will be seen on your homepage.
Now the reader coming to your blog will scroll as much as you can! One or two, 3 and if it comes from the search engine, then it goes back directly by reading the same post. But if you let the same link show all the posts in one place, then you will get a lot of help from this and your next reader will also find all the posts of your blog easily.
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Now let’s talk about how to show all posts in one place.
If you are a WordPress user, then you can do this work very easily with the help of the plugin. And I have already written a post about it, which you can get  
In WordPress blog, this plugin generates your sitemap in text, which makes your work easier and easier, but in the blogger you will need a code for it and you have to create another page.
how ? I will tell you ?

WordPress Blog & Blog Blogger

In order to show all the posts on the same blog in the blogger blog, first open your Blogger Dashboard and click on the pages of the pages you see there.
Now here you have to create a new page.
First write the name of the page! This page name will appear on your site, so I would recommend that you keep the name All Post Link.
After that click on the HTML section of the post as shown in the picture.
After that, you copy the code below and paste it into the area of ​​the post.
<div> <ul id = “postList12”> </ ul> </ div> <script type = “text / javascript”> var startIndex = 1; var maxResults = 100; function sendQuery12 () {var scpt = document.createElement (“script”); scpt.src = “/ feeds / posts / summary? alt = json & callback = processPostList12 & start-index =” + startIndex + “& max-results =” + maxResults; document.body.appendChild (scpt); } function processPostList12 (root) {var elmt = document.getElementById (“postList12”); if (! elmt) return; var feed = root.feed; if (feed.entry.length> 0) {for (var i = 0; i <feed.entry.length; i ++) {var entry = feed.entry [i]; var title = entry.title. $ t; for (var j = 0; j <entry.link.length; j ++) {if (entry.link [j] .rel == “alternate”) {var url = entry.link [j] .href; if (url && url.length> 0 && title && title.length> 0) {var liE = document.createElement (“li”); var a1E = document.createElement (“a”); a1E.href = url; a1E.textContent = title; liE.appendChild (a1E); elmt.appendChild (liE); } break; }}} if (feed.entry.length> = maxResults) {startIndex + = maxResults; sendQuery12 (); }}} sendQuery12 (); </ script>
Now after you paste the code, you publish this page.
After publishing, now you can copy the link to this page and apply it to your blog. You can add a link to this page in the menu bar, in the header or in the footer.
Special Notes: – Even after publishing this page, if all your posts are not showing on one page, then you will edit this page again and publish it back in the post, all your posts will show up.
If still not show, you can comment on our comments.
So friends can easily show you the complete post of your blog in one place, so that your reader will get a lot of help and will not have to scroll the page again and again.

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