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How to create a Google Analytics account (Analyze blog)

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You can use WordPress plug-in to analyze your blog by using a jetpack plug-in. If you have any questions about your website, please visit this page. Blogging from the article related to the article is related to my blog, but it’s a blogging link to Google Analytics.
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What is Google Analytics?

Yah is offering a free service to Google, we can analyze your website. We can help you find a website that is visiting the site and if you have a visitor online that has a page or page that is being paused. It is possible that we can also make a visit to the site, and we have a visitor’s website and visit the website. Please close the page after reading it.
You can report in 3 hours to visit 3 hours a day, and then you can visit the online time. What is the topic of this topic is that we have been asked to go to the website, but we can do whatever we can. To make this blogger, I have to use this blog as my blogger. If you are a blogger, you will also be able to help you get your account.
Google Analytics Account
To get a Google Analytics Account, you need to have a Gmail account now, or if you want to connect to Google Analytics on your blog or blogger you have to login to Gmail using your own blog. This is not a problem yet.
Step: -1
You can also click on the Site Analytics site. Click here to login to your Gmail account.
Step: -2
After login to your account, please submit your detailed request to the website.
Account name-apna name likhe
Website name – The URL of your blog or blog Example-  techvikash
Type the url of your website URL. Example- www.techvikash.com
Industry – Use the option of blog to use.
Time zone – +5.30 seconds to select.
Step: -3
Click here to submit a report. Submit your account to open your account. Ab Dashboard is a tricky thing to do with you, you can use it.
All Done! Wait for the time being If you have any queries regarding your website, please contact us here.
Google Analytics is compatible with WordPress
It’s easy to connect with Google Analytics to WordPress. If you want to have all your plugins plugged in Click Add New Please search and install Google Analytics type in the search box.
Click on the Google Analytics tab to activate the status of the Dashboard.
I’m trying to save you a copy of my trick. Save it to you, you can get your site analyzed.

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I am a Google service and I have been working on Google’s services and I have been working on it. You can view a private message from your website by clicking here. You can help me maintain my website, which has helped me. I can check if I do not have any galti and I do not know what to do with the page. Iske baad hum us galti ko sudhaar sakte hai

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If you have a WordPress theme that uses a jetpack, you can not use it because it does not appear to be hot. You can not see enough information about your website, but it is not possible that the user is currently online. If you have a WordPress version of your account, you can use it to access the internet and you have only been asked to do so. If you want to post a comment I will


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