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How To Change Your ATM Pin Online Without Bank


How To Change Your ATM Pin Online Without Bank

i told you about what is Internet banking on your blog, how Air activates it online without bank. If you have posted that post, then this post is also going to be done for you. Today we will talk related to the same topic and will know how to change online atm pin without going to the bank. I have an account of sbi so I will tell you about changing online atm pin in sbi. Atm pin
Very often it happens that if you lose your ATM PIN then you have to go to the branch and take a new pin. It can waste your lot of time and if you have internet banking then you can change your PIN online in just one minute. Can.
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The second most important reason for changing your ATM PIN is to use your PIN by someone else. Suppose your pin goes to your friend and after that the pin gets divided, so from time to time you can increase the security of your ATM card by changing it. I also need to share my ATM card but I keep changing my PIN which keeps security.
Apart from this, one of the benefits of internet banking is that if you have created your new ATM card then you do not need to go to the bank to take your pin. You can generate new PIN online from internet banking and if you are new If you want to make an ATM card, you can also apply online for it.
To apply online for ATM card and to generate a new pin, I will give you information in my next post, which will make your banking easier. So let us know how to change the ATM card pin online. In order to pin the ATM card, it is very important to register your mobile number in the bank.

How do ATM Pin Online Change?

Step: -1
First of all, log your internet banking account. After logging in to your account, click on E-Service> ATM card service as shown in the picture in the Dashboard. Atm pin e service
Step: -2
In this you will get all the services related to your ATM Card. In this you will find facilities like blocking your ATM card, creating a new card, setting limits on your card and generating a new PIN. You can click on the ATM PIN generation here. Atm pin generation
Step: -3
In the next window, you will get 2 options. If you know your profile password, you can put it or you do not know your profile password then you can click on using otp. Atm pin otp
After clicking on using otp, otp will come on your registered mobile number and use this box to be validated. After verification, the list of all your ATM cards will be opened by clicking on the card you want to change, and submit it. Sbi atm pin change
Step: -5
Now you have to generate your PIN. First of all select the number of 2 digits of your choice and submit it. Example -22
Step: -6
After submitting you will get the last 2 digits pin on your mobile number. Now, let’s write the first 2 digits and the number that has come in your mobile and write it in this box and submit it. Example -2245.atm pin new generation

Step: -7

All Done! Now the PIN of your ATM Card has changed and its information is also sent to you by sms and this notification has been received on your screen too.
If you have internet banking, then we can fully control our account. If you do this from the bank then you have to leave a lot of time and there are many problems in it too. You have to fill a form and submit it to the use branch manager. After 15 days you have to go back to the bank and take your pin.
Apart from this, there are many options of online banking. If your ATM card is missing, you can also use block. Apply for a new card. If you apply online, you get your new card at your address in 15 days.
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