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Blogging Vs YouTube in 2018 Reviewed and Compared YouTube


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The last days from all the bloggers for a new fashion has come and almost all blogger only confuse that Blogging Vs YouTube in the from whom to choose| who is for me the best| now if either one of the choice then hands you more than themselves better if no one knows but still we your this post is supposed to help and tell you that if two of the same one of the choice is Your for the best what will remain- Blogging Vs YouTube.

Once friends, once again welcome to my today’s in this post in which we talk to is that Blogging Vs YouTube from the great platform which is and both what is the difference|

Blog and YouTube both if then both use the same money to earn can be done and both of you earn good money. but then also both very different platforms and in both there is a huge difference|

Blog – what is blog is a platform where you your reader a book like typing information is attach and add images of use by you and any attractive make is so that your reader your information like to come and help also.

YouTube – what is YouTube also has a blog is the same as where you the same information, giving which you blog is delivering but here’s the info on to you by typing, but not in front of the camera voice and your computer through showing the people the help is| meant to say is that in YouTube you exactly the same way from the information give is like the College lecturer gives|
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Both the big difference is that in a book like write does but in the other simply you your video through voice conveys your finish|

So you the best what ? I tell or write tell !

Here all thinking of the same can not be because the just lives by taking the decision not taken, now its about you and give the information needed.|

So come friends about these two before anything else information take is that both what is the difference in –

#1. YouTube and blogging the same in both if the matter to you here first millions of such people, who will meet the already very forward going have and your competition also these people have to be (RIA No, you can do this)

#2. YouTube and blogging from both of you unlimited can earn money is| means no fix is not you 1000 also can earn and you 100000 also easily can earn|

#3. Both platforms the same you in the same day hero from zero.|

#4. Both you brand yourself can make it for both of any use to doesn’t matter|

#5. As far as my opinion Lee, you will be blogging in YouTube than make money.

#6. Earning a matter of if I blog it in much option eye come is YouTube in you just from AdSense only can earn money however these thing that is different when you own the brand become, then you of a company’s sponsorship can take or affiliate of use also can but they all happen when you’re brand will become|

#7. Blogging Vs YouTube both, you Success will be no guarantee.|

#8. In YouTube you your identity quickly. but Blogging doesn’t happen in|

#9. YouTube and blogging in both only you every time Quality must pass or else your user you can forget.|

#10. When Xiao didn’t then the blog’s importance was much but Xiao after the arrival of India in YouTube see these numbers also have risen|

#11. On YouTube which looks that you have met these important but not blogging every blogger wants that his user ever negative comment forbid so every time she post the check by publish does

#12. YouTube on your own with no control would not so if you make a mistake, if you have a pardon will not but on the blog it does not|

#13. On the blog you anything free to are but YouTube you limit staying in the work has to|

#14. Advertisement of the talk to YouTube than the blog much option eye.

#15. Negativity disperse then YouTube, more blog than|

#16. Find money then both Kamo you to spend money won free No.|

#17. Both “first learn, then teach” under the rule, go|

So what have you thought !! Blogging Vs YouTube in you whom you chose ?Still not thought so let’s get some and show that you them and in-depth help in the understanding of met| now we have both of these advantages and disadvantages will know that you are 100 percent sure will be that you who should choose|

Blogging Vs YouTube which is best ? Let us know

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YouTube advantages and disadvantages of

#1.Advantage – YouTube to work on the biggest advantage of these is that you brand yourself too early can create because you have YouTube on your visitor with live are talking so their peak in your a good photo is composed so that may be what you’ll get video of too much choice.

Like say that I sandeep maheshwari Sir name who took that YouTube is very popular so if you also know Him, then your peak also in the care of them will come and your front also their video of the image coming look|

Technical Guruji name too you sure will be heard and their fans talk to on YouTube is splashed but some people who have them don’t like or turn them into videos too video explains but he doesn’t matter| why ? Because she is now a brand and YouTube on your different identity.|

Extra Tip – on YouTube until you brand not become until then for you to be that YouTube be very difficult, but once a brand after becoming a lot of money.|

Damage – YouTube a world where millions of such people who have already so forth have to be that if you new then you Success of the people in the crowd will look like and these crowd-such a crowd is where you stand, not even the back| but the fun only when you the same rush out your name.

That is what you would have to have someone like you in this crowd keep is and your work has to live| every wait of you would benefit and if you right from work so it’s not a day you can Success a crowd of people part of the won|

But even the bad thing occurs when we try to give up despite the value take and this from the crowd turn away and a time far your careers can ruin|

#2.Advantage – on YouTube video to upload if you so the good thing is that you just video upload then for you there is no work| if you whether you the video share can thereby benefit you’ll get| but you your video can’t change| say that you only once your video to have.

Lossno matter how much you also best video video but your video until the trend in the will not you the good view will not meet| in YouTube the biggest problem is that your content is very good despite view less come is the main reason that the YouTube a lot more competition| you the same topic on lots of videos will find|

Extra’Tip – these say not so recommend but India that the truth is that if you some of view bring, if you have a fake video will make you a one-time try by views you view will meet| because in India, free and fake both very liked topic.|

#3.The advantage – besides the YouTube one and the good thing is that you also for hosting the no charge would not pay you your channel is to make just and add the video to upload| YouTube hosting space from google remains the same, so you need unlimited space is given| such as you the blogger on the blog to make unlimited hosting joins the same way you should ensure that you get|

Damage – Google’s hosting to be the damage from these is that channel even if you but this on control google is so if you make mistakes then your channel anytime it can be even if you how big brand why is not because google made any mistake pardon does not|

In addition, if you want that I any of video to copy by clicking on your channel uploaded to du so understand it can never be because you have these mistake to never think and if you make these mistakes then that could be your channel on YouTube look the same don’t come

However it does not is because google is never wrong, and google with all the product we all its use, but your channel Delete is only done when you have her rules to follow not.

Furthermore, even if YouTube advantages of a matter of does YouTube manage to do is very easy just you videos to upload and you need your content to share to the rest of the work you and your viewer on the left| in addition it adsense from connect to do is also easy then the second and the new rules that came in your a year in the 1000 Subscriber and 4,000 hours of watch now is necessary only if you from YouTube can earn money.|

Another important thing is that on YouTube good content is very important happens, and you have a good video you have a day only in the millions of view may give a| i also on YouTube ever, did not work but my friend is a video which was understanding it that inadvertently, as well as viral and that video on the same day in more than a million view come I views.|

Blogging to the advantages and disadvantages of

#1. Advantage – if you blogger free Blog make is so then it is different but if you WordPress on your blog make if you have on your blog full control| your blog access you have so you when you add the makeover.

Even when you whether your blog anywhere and transfer or then your data can download is blog delete.

Meant to say that the blog is your own property but in YouTube you own the channel, notwithstanding her owner are not| ask for your own property anytime taken can be|

Damage – when the blog is your property of course if C is a thing that you hold on to money even to spend the fall| if you have WordPress on your blog make if you have hosting and domain for both from time to time to spend money on won|

Extra Tip – If you YouTube like money don’t want to spend, then you Blogger on your blog.| although you all then, which will not get you by spending money on WordPress find but then also you have your blog, it is|

#2 benefit – if the income of the thing, he shall be Blogging it in the option much| the largest platform adsense is also also and from ads network is that you blog can earn money is but on YouTube if you are at work if you have just adsense on the depend have to be|

Yes these thing different is that you add the also affiliate use can is but also his time comes much later| but in the blog it is not| if you good work then in just one month only

In addition you have if your adsense is also not then you start in the Refer And Earn like apps use by can also make money or have a good traffic so a lot of good affiliate network which you earn money online of work can come|

Blog in YouTube compared to income is much|

Loss – blog on the ads to show the market in a lot of ads network but such ads network is very low which believe be therefore all just adsense on the same count, and I think it best and no options have not yet|

In addition, a disadvantage of these is that the adsense rules if you follow do not then your account youtube like ever it may be and your if the money in adsense lying is so she also don’t you see| therefore it I ever the safe income not admit|

Came the day, social media on, I see that NO of the account disapprove who gets that re-approve the staging is very difficult| difficult not impossible.

#3 benefit – if you have YouTube at work so you necessary that you have a good camera and great video editing software but if the same you blog at work if you have all these no there is no need for| blog to work on, so much so that it is easy if you have mobile and Internet, then in you your post publish.

When I started your blog was so I also start from the mobile was laptops, then much later came in the same second and you YouTube these may not work for you every kind of setup is important to is because of you all this show does is|

> special – if you YouTube in just the slightest mistake can So tell the truth I am very abuses experienced have| (Experience)

Loss – YouTube, like blogging too much competition so you work hard work with smart work also has to do| but if you a time apart from the crowd through went then for your blogging easy and no work will go on.

In addition blogger to the biggest threat is the hacker| your site every time the hacker’s eye persists in is you your site’s security is independent of every work already by have to take if not that may be your fault your blog is full of harm to be while in YouTube it just would not he safe because his security Google at hand.

So friends, these were Blogging Vs YouTube both use the advantages and disadvantages of| all of these, after reading as far as my point, so I blogged over on YouTube to work a little bit more difficult but feel say na the work in you interest that the work becomes easier, therefore, be that these get easier and I didn’t work so I feel hard|

But me no ask so I blogging only recommended ll|

Also one more thing have forgotten that people who YouTube and blog both at work and what they believe is because a lot of people who have both these on the same working take but I don’t understand that then they now manage how won because YouTube’s a good video edit to takes a lot of time and you YouTube of guideline to follow, do all the work.

It’s about what your idea is but I told that what YouTube and blogging both with a Kim may be|

I hope that you my today’s post Blogging Vs YouTube which is best choice I will| you my this post to your friends from your social media on share sure.


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