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Blogger Vs WordPress ! Who is best platesform for blogging


Blogger Vs WordPress ! Who is best platesform for blogging

Hello friends, Welcome to my today’s a new post in the | a lot of people nowadays that’s the confusion that lives she is after all your blog is what on the platform made so they have no trouble not social media, even on the almost all those people who blogged, start is a one time all these sure to ask that I have my blog on what be| so today we have also the corresponding topic will discuss and detail will know that WordPress Aur Blogger which of the A good platform is one in which further progress you any trouble don’t come

You’ve done WordPress and Blogger are both blogging for good platform is simply the difference so that wordpress to manage is easy to do and blogger of use to you a little too much coding and designing be should so that you her good manage.

The same if you are blogging for a long time so that you would say that you have wordpress on your blog made| let your this confusion to turn away and know that wordpress Aur blogger in the What is the difference?

WordPress Aur Blogger in the What is the difference?

#1 Blogger google a free product which has no charge, do not think but WordPress to use for you hosting the charge would give|

#2 Blogger on the blog is easy to make but manage to do the difficult but wordpress in case it doesn’t just have hostingcon should |

#3 in wordpress you plugin use by him, easily customize can but blogger in it does not|

So let’s friends now first lives take is that the Blogger platform to use what are the advantages?

HTTPS Security

WordPress any user always only wants to his blog https security with the open and also should be| if you are also on wordpress blog make sure you blog for the ssl certificate to take happens that which you for your hosting of seven will find it for you with extra charge also would give|

But if you in wordpress free ssl also can take its information to you by clicking here can take but if you blogger use do you of all these is no, there is no need| blogger already very secure is the hack to do the nearly impossible work.

So blogger use to the greatest advantage of that is that your blog google own security will for which you any kind of tension to take, there is no need and you blog is always the same with https open will|

If you are new blogger, then you probably don’t know that the http and https what is the difference| it I you tell but you so know that these on your blog for a lot more.|

Extra Tip – Security in the case of blogger from wordpress is very good you without the hassle of its use can.

WordPress Blog to Optimize How-do – Plugin Or Without Plugin

wordpress blog seo friendly post, how to write

Google’s Product is so what Tension

As I also pointed out that the security blog for the most important is so no also in case the risk not to take you too your blog for the blogger’s Choice have done so without you afraid it use can is because blogger is google’s one product is|

google any of the product always the most secure and managed is| I always google every product is the same excellent admit and today millions code people google’s product use sure. blogger themselves google secure and Own the same host and hence does not you pick hosting is needed and na only him no renew done| just your blog create and begin.|

Easy Setup

Girl writing on a black keyboard
“Big blogger always say is that if you new then you you your blogged the beginning of the blogger from.”

Why ?

The answer is its Easy Setup. blogger on the blog and then make is so easy that you it for any kind of technical knowledge of being, there is no need| you whether you just have 5 minutes in your blog can start and in 1 minute your first post even publish.

Isn’t it easy ! G all blogger on blog really very simple.

blogger for your blogging to begin you have just your gmail account is a must have and a few step to follow by create your blog| blogger on a free blog how to make its complete information you by clicking here can take and if you have wordpress on your free blog want to make then you by clicking here.|

Free Service means No Charge

google of service free in available is the ones that blogger also has a And if you a new blogger and blogging to the nuances of the want to learn, then you can easily blogger on the blog about it by creating well can learn|

In addition, google’s product due to the you google from also help is such as that of your site link to google in your you index is you need to not have|

in wordpress you every year to charge would give and if you charge do not, then your hosting suspend is granted and your blog also gets deleted is so if you all these is to avoid and blogging the good understanding, if you have a blogger’s free service use must|

In addition also the free service from you a lot of advantages that is that you use to during and good understanding will have|

So friends these were the blogger platfarm use to some of the important paideia now know that if you blogger use will so you what damage you may have about it also know is very important is-

Your Gmail Account Hack happened to your blog?

You are probably well aware that google any of the product access to you have a gmail account to be the very important is the similar from you if blogger use want to do is then close your own gmail account is a must have without gmail The you blogger on the blog can’t create| gmail account how made is his full information by clicking here and read gmail account, a blogger for how much is necessary for its complete information about to take you our these posts sure read should which is certainly your a lot of work will prove

Gmail account, a blogger for the How is important – some handy information

Gmail Account into 2-step verification Enable by hacker how to be saved

Here is a good thing is that if you google any of the product use, then the hack to do the almost impossible is the same| mean to say google will never hack can’t be| yes the one thing is that if someone your password from anywhere get take so that your blog hack.

Secondly if you want to avoid if you have your gmail account in the 2step verification to always enable by keep your gmail safe-keeping of all the ways you have them all try it.

Meant to say is that your password if someone goes to so she some the same time your blog delete can Is or who she is-whether they are in your blog and in addition has a drawback these are also that addition and no log in is not the way to so that we gmail logged off.

Plugin Use can not

WordPress blog plugin most of the pressing roll is| if you have the correct plugin, then you can easily without having to do anything your work can also 200% fast way| blogger you everything your rating is and a lot of things to manually the same set is|

You blogger in any way, some of such a technique can not be used which is in wordpress available| ‘ll explain you how ? Let it be you in your blog adsense ads find| you if these work blogger in to do so, you manually your theme or post in the html section paste the code into would make that a difficult task is the same if you that work in wordpress is simply a plugin install on it and easily wherever code can|

In addition also a lot of work in wordpress easily become that blogger do not contain the| its biggest drawback to me so that seems so I blogger use never used because of the blogger to manage is not easy to do|

Music download website how made is

adsense approve, why wouldn’t and adsense approve to get in, what should I do

Manage to problem might be

As I said, tell that blogger to manage is not easy to do and the same go of i it Your to use have not| blogger to manage for you a lot of experience should have been in that situation when you blogging ranging true, very serious|

Meant to say that blogging first school of blogger is the same where you can learn a lot and manage to do can learn but if you a long time blogger on the only want to remain you about it in full knowledge should not so you manage to problem may come|

Coding of Basic knowledge is a must have

Blogging should if you have basic coding knowledge to be very important but if you blogger on blogging have to have you these work very important to do is to talk straight C without that knowledge no work is not easy but if you learn to take your to blogging.

blogger much C-coding comes with and you if anything changes to you somewhere through the code itself to contain and if any code in the no-fault comes then your theme in the problem may come| the same if you have wordpress use, if you have coding does not come then also you manage can is because in wordpress plugin all work become very easy.

So in my eye’s these are some of the basic C problems was due to which you blogger on the blog manage to come in May was also too many problem you and also can be and there are some people who for quite some time blogger working on is for them to be that Rene is also very slight C|

Well this is a shot talk blogger of the advantages and disadvantages of let life take that if you have wordpress use so you do what the advantages is going|

The Install is very easy

You probably know that wordpress is a software of the name and you if your blog on wordpress make sure you also for hosting is required| if you have hosting if you wordpress install.

wordpress to install very easy to work some hosting company then you in 1 Click wordpress install to offers also. you just in one click wordpress install to get started and go blogging to|

In addition if you computer or laptop use, then you the wordpress software install by wordpress the same from the manage.

Below you have the link open by some of the work read info-

hostgator hosting on wordpress install How do

godaddy domain and hosting how to buy.

On your blog traffic how to bring

WordPress on the own control is

Any thing on if own control, then what to say! in wordpress it is wordpress, blogger, like not at all, because the blogger themselves google hosts while wordpress the We own your according set.

wordpress everything in the open. we as whether, when their homologous wordpress use can so I wordpress is liked and also recommend| the other thing wordpress the control and also the very ways which is blogger-in-available|not

Whether you’re any big blogger to take a look at all wordpress of use, and I also wordpress the blogging to best agree because as I want her to I it manage I

Free plugin work becomes easy

wordpress use to have two option contain is – free plugin and a paid plugin. But the best thing is that this option consists of the same consists| plugin allows you to wordpress very easily manage can and work you some time in the can, which is why all the wordpress is a lot like|

wordpress in free plugin are – such as jetpack and Yoast SEO. Such a lot of work and also a lot of tools you it’ll get so that your work very posture becomes|

Matter if the plugin of the To so if you in wordpress, given both the plugin to install, then if you wordpress of basic knowledge, not even even if you is blogging.

Similarly many paid plugin are wordpress which is even more easy and fun.

Automatic backup can

Own control means everything is in your hand| security and backup both your blog for a very important| if you wordpress user, then you have a great plugin of help from your blog with ease, backup download.

You if whether you that anything not lying and your blog backup automatic download, you will be in wordpress these feature also you shall find this is how the blog daily backup how sprinting is its complete information you by clicking here can take you if your wordpress, the whole of the data offline to download, then you click here by information.

In addition wordpress to use the advantages of the same advantages and I don’t think anyone wordpress use no hassle in will wordpress use to in if loss then its largest and one disadvantage of these is that the wordpress hack happens a lot and if you have good security of use will so you this problem also will not come|


So my friends post these, read now you also conform must have been you that blogging to what platform to use to do| if my then you always say that you have good hosting now wordpress your blog at the beginning of the heat| i your first post also told you that I have ever blogger of the use did not|

And that is why today I wordpress the best admit both if the difference of the thing, then the biggest difference is that blogger is a free platform and wordpress to use for you to spend money won|

I hope that you my today’s post “WordPress Aur Blogger in the What are the best platforms Best is” like I will you my this post with your friends social media on share sure to enable them also about it, well knowledge as possible|


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