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Blog Ka Load Time Kam Kaise Kare Aur Blog Ki Speed Increase Kare – Best Method


Blog Ka Load Time Kam Kaise Kare Aur Blog Ki Speed Increase Kare – Best Method

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Hello friends, welcome to my today’s this article in which we tell you that that Website Blog Ka Load Time Kam Kaise Kare| What Are you a blogger ? If you are a blogger, then you have too many such measures have won, making your website interesting readers, the number and their website from the Engagement more to be | whenever a reader on your website the search engines or any comes through, so that on the first impact website Speed has a |

If your website loading speed slow, so readers of your article by reading your articles except the can be that may be them, subsequently ever your website it is definitely worth it |Website Blog Ka Load Time Kam Kaise Kare

Website’s loading speed, SEO Optimization is also a main factor is to Google your search results in those to the website and brings, whose loading speed is 3 seconds less than, well then any website to load for 3 seconds too much time.

WordPress website’

We have previously WordPress website’s loading speed reduced to about articles write have, but us older articles in some reduction was engaged so we have this time and more information with a new articles is written | that you articles on the by clicking here read.

Today this article in our by telling the ways you website’s loading speed 3 seconds less than can | friends, you waste much time na, we Website’s loading speed reducing measures explains |

Website Blog Ka Load Time Kam Kaise Kare

Image Size reduce

Do you have your articles in the High Quality Images you use ? If yes then you can do so now from the same image Size, pay attention to start, because this kind of Images your webpage size increased, making your page slow to load is |

If you have Images of Size tend to be lower, so it makes your photo’s Quality in no matter where they are, but if you Minimize the photo to the printer from the print, then photo of Quality in the difference could come | for example when you have your articles are in use whose Size is 400 KB, you that photo to Minimize by 40 KB can |

Photo size reducing for you to the computer plus many tools can take the help of which the free in also plus are – such as Photoscape, Photoshop, etc | you can use these handy online tools by can also such as the Compressor.io, Optimizilla.com, Compressjpeg.com and Tinypng.com etc. |
In addition, if you have a WordPress website, then you this work to simplify the plugin also can use such as Imagify Image Optimizer, Optimus Image Optimizer, WP Smush, etc. |

Specify Images Dimensions

When in the browser, no webpage is opened, then the user’s browser the layout of the page of the Figure makes means the user of the browser works – Image Size what it is and how much (Size) according to show if you have the webpage in the image of Size already please tell, if the browser for it no Extra Work needed to not only be |

For it you your WordPress website in the Specify Image Dimensions Plugin use this plugin to the user’s browser to the image Size tells, so that your page quickly open |

Images of Hot linking off.

When any other website, our website of image to display, our image of link to use, so it makes our website, the server load increases, because no other website image to show our server is using | due to the way your webpage slow to load is |

Your website is the image to which Hotlink is, these know to you this code on Google search. – inurl:yourwebsite.com -site:yourwebsite.com

Yourwebsite.com space you of your website address, insert | if no your image the hotels, so you that the website owner from the Contact are of tell your image of the hot do not link or image to download your credit by giving the image upload |

Your CSSC, or JavaScript of Size Minfy.SS,

 JavaScript a type of Language occurs, thereby together with your website is paired several times, the website loading speed slow be the cause of these language also are | if you your website on CSS, or Javascript of Size less can, in addition, it makes your website’s design Quality in any type of no difference |

For it you online tools can take the help of of which totally free plus are – to the Closure Tools, CSSMinifier.com, Minifier.org, JSCompress.com etc. |

If you have a WordPress website, then you Plugin The also use, which can make your work easier will make | WordPress-plugin – Better WordPress Minify, WP Super Minify, WP Minify Fix these plugin also free in plus |

Browser Caching use

Browser caching work website’s loading speed faster to like – even when a person is on a website which is browser caching enable | so the first time only in the user’s browser that the website is 70% of the data, such as Logo, Fevicon, WA design protected by keep.

After which again they sometimes the user again that the website comes in, the website loaded very quickly becomes, because the website up to 70% of the data already in the browser Save, making just the latest content, photos, and words etc only download.

You this work for W3 Total Cache Plugin, you can use the |

Jin-Plugin, do not use them, be Delete.

WordPress website Plugin of By we its function are easy, which is why we make your website in many many Plugin using the take so many times we have those plugin is also installed by. which to us are not useful |

Plugin website page of Http Requests increase with the loading speed also tend to raise | speeding up your website to make you all unnecessary Plugin to delete |

AMP use

AMP Google by been made a service, which is your website mobile friendly makes making your website mobile device in very little time in the Open is Google your search result in the AMP Enable webpage brings forward the | These Google by are described an Algorithm that is mentioned in the |

Your WordPress website in AMP Enable AMP to For WP Plugin use |

Gzip Compression Enable.

Gzip Compression by your page size up to 90% can be reduced | this process in your Html page of the Zip Format is turned in, if your Html Page is 100 KB happens then your Zip page is approximately 10 KB long, will become, whose Quality will remain the same | and the browser this Zip page to download again Html format in |

Nowadays by the way so many Hosting Providers Gzip Compression you use on some shoddy hosting providers use this technique if you do not it easy for you to Check and Enable Gzip Compression Plugin, you can use the |

CDN Hosting use

CDN hosting is a special type of network, which is our website, the local area Server lets you add, making our webpage user properties set by the server is opened, making our website the central server load is less, in addition, the user nearer to the install server from your webpage load quicker is because of the server nearer to be established data from user until very little time is reached in |

CSS, use the WA the JavaScript from the use of the survivors

JavaScript made from the website to load are not visible, whereby the user of such website, except the part is|, so you your website for the CSS coding from the bunny theme should use, JavaScript should avoid the use of |

If the website in JavaScript, made from no Widget to Use and quick to adjust, then use it down the side of the | CSS language code of the user friendly and are the user on the screen of the content appearing due to the user page draws into |

Use Lazy Load Plugin

Us your articles, the better to create 2 more Images also has to use the reason our page slow load happens, you avoid this problem for the Lazy Load Plugin can use this plugin with the assistance of page Images one by one from the top down the side of the load will be, causing the user when the top articles on reading the will, Then for him up, the image opened will stack and articles on reading in the no trouble will come | while the that during below the Images load, that will be |

For this to work the Lazy Load By WP Rocket Plugin, you can also use |

Friends, you ajka articles – Website Blog Ka Load Time Kam Kaise Kare | read you these articles on how ? Below comment by tell | you if our these the post iPhone and iPad so be it social media on share sure to


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